Team & Facilities

A team of 100 professionals dedicated to serving our clients. Technicians, salespeople, engineers, and consultants who will address your needs in real-time.

Specialists in processes, handling, lifting, and maintenance who will seek to optimize your costs and foster a long-term relationship of trust.

Our Team
TSS (Technical Support Service)
Jesús Ortiz
Orbelgrupo CEO
Enrique Planelles
Orbelgrupo Managing Director
Manuel Beltán
Orbelgrupo COO
Alberto García
Academia Industrial Academia Industrial Director
Benjamín Pizarro
Academia Industrial PM-Oma
Joan Roda
Academia Industrial PM-Osa
Rubén Lluch
Academia Industrial PM-Aei
Oscar Membrado
Academia Industrial Franchise Director
Federico Roulier
Academia Industrial PM-Security
Isabel Falco
Academia Industrial PM-Online
Samuel Lopez
Academia Industrial PM-Online
Diego Mallol
Orbelgrupo Administration
Marta Grifo
Orbelgrupo Purchasing
Laura Altaba
Orbelgrupo Training
Tere Silva
Orbelgrupo Training
Amelia Monreal
Orbelgrupo Finances
Noelia Altaba
Orbelgrupo Fleet
Vera Copello
Orbelgrupo Robotics
Andrea Ionela
Orbelgrupo Robotics
Orbelgrupo Administration
Orbelgrupo Service
Orbelgrupo Spare parts
Miguel Angel
Orbelgrupo Service
Sabine Arias
Orbelgrupo PM
Jesús Romero
Orbelgrupo PM
Manuel Quintero
Orbelgrupo PM
Carlos Ferrando
Orbelgrupo MK
Victor Porras
Orbelgrupo MK
Valentyna Nagirnyak
Orbelgrupo MK
Genesis Mendoza
Orbelgrupo MK
Xavi García
Robottions Robotics
Ana Lopez
Robottions Robotics
Manu Cheza
Robottions PM-Robotics
Sergi Martí
Robottions Automation
Edu Martinez
Robottions Robotics
Arturo Lopez
Robottions Robotics
Rogelio Pardo
Robottions Logistics
Ferran Vilar
Robottions Automation
Orbelgrupo Facilities

400 m2 of office space dedicated to customer service. You will find an open area to work on your projects and receive service tailored to your expectations. A dedicated engineering floor to address your concerns. Offices open to our clients and suppliers.


Dedicated workshop for reconstruction and technical service. From our central headquarters located in Almassora, we provide service to our clients. With 10 work bays, we can coordinate work orders and guarantee excellent service.

Training Rooms

We have 10 certified training rooms that complement our in-house training offerings. We provide nationwide training in three main areas: Intralogistics, Mechanics, and Robotics.

Tech City

The Tech City by Orbelgrupo arises from the desire to share knowledge and innovation in the SME world. A creative environment where we can find solutions to the challenges proposed in the field of Industrial Innovation.