Collaborative Logistics Consulting

We specialize in providing support and advice to our clients during the execution of their projects with the aim of fostering the development of skills and knowledge that enable managers and workers to become agents of change to drive continuous improvement in processes and results. With over 40 years of experience, we focus on offering high-quality solutions that allow our clients to achieve their strategic objectives and improve their business performance.

Review and analysis of current situation: ASIS

During our process of reviewing and analyzing the current situation, we gather and analyze detailed information about your company to assess its current state and determine the opportunities and challenges it faces in its environment. Our goal is to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company and develop strategies and action plans to improve its performance and achieve your objectives. With our experience and specialized knowledge, we are committed to providing a clear and objective view of your company, and working with you to develop effective and personalized solutions that meet your needs and expectations.

Interviews, visits: resource review

After reviewing internal and external resources available through interviews and visits; we identify problems and areas for improvement, evaluate available human and material resources, consider legal requirements and industry best practices, and based on this, we propose personalized and effective solutions.

Evaluation of alternatives and scenarios

We evaluate alternatives and scenarios in depth, comparing different options, considering the advantages and disadvantages of each, identifying the possible outcomes and consequences of each alternative, and proposing the best solution to address specific needs and objectives.

Action plan and feasibility

We develop a detailed action plan for each proposed solution, which includes clear objectives, timelines, necessary resources, and assigned responsibilities. We conduct a feasibility assessment of each plan, analyzing factors such as technical, financial, and operational feasibility, as well as potential risks and limitations.

Lack of organization

We optimize the use of raw materials, human resources, equipment, and facilities to meet demand optimally, while also ensuring orderly business growth.

Lack of information / data

In the face of a lack of information or data, we evaluate existing systems and processes, propose solutions, and develop a detailed action plan. We implement new systems and technologies, define standardized procedures, and train staff. We monitor the success of the plan and periodically assess to ensure effective use of data.

Lack of automation

We evaluate existing work processes to identify tasks that could be automated. We implement automation technologies, define more efficient workflows, and train staff. We monitor the success of the plan and periodically evaluate to ensure effective results.

Smart Visual Data Implementation

We change the overall attitude of the company to become the new foundation that ensures process stabilization and improvement possibilities. We help identify all processes to measure and analyze them.

We use the most modern models such as Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen, which entail a change in attitude for both workers and the company, helping to reduce waste, improve quality, and reduce production time and product costs.

Logistics Optimization

We help optimize the flow of goods in manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, or warehouses. We analyze the flows of receiving, storing, and moving goods from the moment they arrive until they leave the premises to implement improvements that affect the entire system.

We analyze the supply chain to coordinate and improve the planning, implementation, and control process of all network operations to ultimately meet customer needs as effectively as possible.

Boosting Technological Transformation

We accompany companies in incorporating new technologies, regulations, and business models. We incorporate cyber-physical systems to control and monitor the entire production process.

We provide our clients with autonomous vehicles and robots to take automation to the highest level. These products, programmed by our team of specialist technicians, enable cost reduction, accident prevention, and production time reduction while improving quality and controlling the process through continuous data flow.