Renewal of Baux's Logistics Fleet (Valencian Aluminum Company)

Project for the comprehensive renewal of the industrial fleet at Baux’s logistics facilities (Valencian Aluminum Company).

Leadership in the Aluminum Industry

The Valencian Aluminum Company BAUX, located in Segorbe (Castellón), is a renowned Spanish company dedicated to the manufacturing of aluminum strips.

The company has based its growth model on a strong investment in new technologies, aware of the importance of operating with the most cutting-edge machinery to achieve maximum quality in all its production processes, products, and services at the lowest cost.

Currently, it has consolidated its leadership position in the aluminum sector, reaching a production capacity of 42,000 tons/year.

A few months ago, we reached an agreement to renew Baux's fleet, and recently, the exchange of their old fleet for the new one, equipped with the latest technology, has been managed
Total Renewal of the Logistics Fleet

Toyota 7 Series front forklifts of 4,000 and 4,500 kg were collected, along with two Kalmar D Series. In exchange, 5 Toyota Tonero 8 Series forklifts of 5,000 kg and two Kalmar G Series capable of lifting up to 12,000 kg have been provided.

This fleet comes equipped with newer elements. The Toyotas are equipped with the I-Site fleet manager, which controls machine usage and the number of impacts they receive. They also incorporate SAS (Active Stability System) technology, which minimizes the risk of overturning, thus protecting the driver.

On the other hand, the Kalmar DCGs come with their own fleet manager, Smart Fleet, which optimizes machine consumption, automatically notifies its status, and generates statistics based on key performance indicators available instantly.

They also use advanced ecological elements and AdBlue technology to minimize waste and gases generated by the forklift. These improvements also reduce fuel consumption by more than 15% compared to previous models.

Strategic logistics alliance

Since 2001, Orbel Group has been collaborating with Baux in the efficient management of its industrial fleet, with the aim of maximizing the utilization of its logistics park and contributing to the constant improvement of the company’s productivity in its different production processes. All of this is achieved after meticulously analyzing the specific needs of the company and correctly selecting the type and technical characteristics of the various equipment that make up Baux’s logistics fleet. Not to mention our excellent maintenance service, which is responsible for always keeping the machinery in optimal condition.