Optimization of Equipe's storage system

Project for logistic optimization through narrow aisle warehousing at Equipe’s facilities, a leader in the small format ceramic flooring and coating sector.

Equipe, a reference in special pieces

Equipe Ceramics is one of the leading companies in the field of special pieces, known for its high-quality products and unique design. This company is constantly evolving to adapt to the times we live in, where technology plays an increasingly important role. In 2017, Equipe was included by Cepyme in the Cepyme500 program, which identifies, selects, and promotes the 500 Spanish companies leading business growth, rewarding added value, employment, innovation, and international projection.

Currently, Equipe has more than 150 employees, and its products are present worldwide, with its main markets being Europe and America.

These warehouses optimize space by using aisles that are 1.8 meters wide and heights of up to 15 meters. Special machinery is required to operate within these aisles.
A narrow aisle warehouse to optimize storage

The growth and evolution of Equipe have generated new logistical needs due to the increasing amount of cargo it has to manage and the new flows that have been created. Orbel has been with Equipe from the beginning, providing services tailored to each stage the company has gone through, adapting to its needs at every moment.

In 2018, Equipe was looking for ways to optimize its storage, and several options were proposed by Orbel. They ultimately decided to use a very narrow aisle warehouse.

Latest generation Toyota machinery

The latest technology in use at Equipe includes cutting-edge Toyota machinery designed for efficient pallet handling in narrow aisles. They opted for Toyota VCE articulated chassis for narrow aisles to optimize stability and narrow transfer aisles for increased storage space. These forklifts are capable of high-level order picking and full pallet handling in aisles guided by cable or rail, with energy efficiency optimized during lifting.

For order picking, high-level order pickers from Toyota are employed, specifically designed for high-level order picking in narrow aisles. These pickers excel in terms of productivity and performance, with a picking height of up to 12.1 meters and the BT Optipace system. The spacious cabin and adjustable controls offer great comfort to the operator even at height.

Equipment with advanced navigation

The specialized equipment at Equipe utilizes advanced navigation systems to enhance operator performance and reduce errors in picking operations. This system guides the equipment within aisles, increasing safety and improving driver comfort.

To achieve these benefits, the equipment automatically detects its location within the aisle, zone, and position at any given time. Operators input the destination through a console, and the vehicle precisely navigates them along the optimal route.

This navigation system boosts productivity by minimizing time spent searching for loads and positioning the forklift, while also eliminating human error and differences in driver skill. It reduces operational costs by minimizing damage to the forklift and warehouse, adapting forklift performance to uneven floors, avoiding collisions with obstacles, etc.

Furthermore, a more advanced level of automation is being implemented, where machines receive instructions directly from the Warehouse Management System (WMS), requiring minimal intervention from the operator.