Expansion of Production Area and Vertical Storage Capacity

Construplas Acquabella and Orbelgrupo strengthen their successful strategic collaboration with a new and ambitious project.

100% Made in Spain for the World

Their products and philosophy perfectly embody the spirit of their land and their people. Creativity, the will to overcome challenges, and a passion for well-done work. They pay attention to detail and follow the latest trends in decoration, but never compromise on the demands of quality and service that have allowed them to export their creations to the most demanding countries.

At Orbel, we are proud to be part of a company like Acquabella, which follows this work policy.

In fact, at this moment, the implementation of an anthropomorphic robot for a painting application is also being finalized at their facilities.
Expansion of Production and Storage Capacity

Our relationship began many years ago, which has allowed us to work in different departments within the structure of Acquabella: from supplying machinery such as forklifts, to providing training, supplying, and assembling warehouse shelves.

Throughout this year, as a result of continuous growth, Acquabella undertook an ambitious expansion project. This project involved not only expanding the working area in the production phase but also expanding this space vertically to increase storage capacity within the warehouse.

At that moment, Orbel offered its services to the Acquabella team, bringing the experience gained from assembling various warehouses and logistics centers worldwide.

Acquabella has grown, and the final result has been spectacular in every sense, not only in terms of productivity but also in terms of visibility and penetration within the sector.

Decisive Investment in State-of-the-Art Logistics Machinery

As an example, one of the machines acquired stands out, a “record-breaking” Reach Truck.

This is the TOYOTA REFLEX RRE200H model, equipped with cutting-edge features and equipment, such as special-width support arms, a camera, height preselector… With this machine and its operator, they can position loads at a height of 12.5 meters with total control and safety.

All of the above positions Acquabella as a benchmark in terms of quality and capacity throughout the production chain.

And all of this has been achieved while always respecting their philosophy and principles, to which, from our humble position, we would like to add:

“Always respectful and professional treatment with their supplier, Orbel.”