Chovi Sauces bets on automated industrial cleaning

Implementation of the latest technology in automated industrial cleaning in their production and logistics facilities.

Tradition, innovation, and leadership

Choví is a food company located in Benifaio specializing in the manufacturing of sauces. Since 1950, it has been growing and seeking new flavors through continuous innovation and presenting its products at the most renowned food fairs.

In the 1990s, they launched their popular and innovative packaging in the shape of a mortar, which became their hallmark. This alioli mortar opened numerous doors and business opportunities nationally and internationally, and to this day, it remains a leading product in these markets.

Currently, Choví is a modern and professionalized company, managed by the second generation of the Choví Navarro family, as well as a management team familiar with the brand’s traditional values and committed to the company’s objectives. They are a national reference due to their environmental awareness, social responsibility, and cleanliness standards.

The relentless pursuit of innovative solutions by the Choví team led them to the Navi RA660 automatic scrubber. They quickly realized that this industrial cleaning robot would allow them to further improve their cleanliness standards and contacted Orbel right away.
The Industrial Cleaning Robot, Your New Ally

To ensure the effectiveness of the equipment, a test was conducted at the Benifaio facilities, and after a rigorous examination, they decided to acquire the machine. Among the various extras requested, customization of the scrubber to match the company’s corporate colors and logos was included. With its shape and adorned in this way, the robot resembled the famous mortar that is the hallmark of the company.

Route Optimization and Productivity Maximization

Finally, the machine was delivered, and the equipment was installed. During this implementation, all the facilities that the scrubber needs to keep clean were mapped, and then the robot’s route was optimized to maximize its productivity and work safely, avoiding hazardous areas.

Now that it is installed, it works tirelessly to help Choví continue to offer a high-quality product manufactured in the cleanest possible environment.