QR Technology Applied to Warehouse Logistics

Special label design with QR technology that facilitates access to the operator manual corresponding to each of the machines in the logistics fleet.

Labels with Embedded QR Codes

Our team has designed special labels that use QR technology to generate links that take us through the Internet to the operator manual corresponding to each machine.

A QR code is the evolution of the barcode. It is a module for storing information in a matrix of points. This matrix is ​​read on a mobile device by a specific reader and immediately takes us to the internet application corresponding to the code.

Advantages of Quickly and Easily Accessing the Operator Manual

Our clients have enthusiastically welcomed this innovation and are satisfied because they can now access the Operator Manual quickly and easily, without the need to carry a physical copy and helping to reduce unnecessary paper consumption.

However, for those users who cannot use the necessary tools to read these codes, we can provide them with the manual in PDF or paper format as before.