Automation of Vidres' Logistics Facilities

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Vidres, leaders in ceramic frits, glazes, and colors

Vidres has managed to position itself among the leaders in the sector thanks to its constant innovation, dedication to its customers, and its vocation and experience since 1975. Specialized in the manufacture of ceramic frits, glazes, and colors, Vidres decided to trust us for the automation of its warehouses, with the installation of a Radioshuttle (RS).

The patented Radioshuttle (RS) system represents a solution for the storage of high-density goods.
What is the radioshuttle system?

The Radioshuttle system is an innovative solution for pallet storage and transportation. It is based on electric loading platforms that transport pallets along guides placed on specially designed shelves. Each conveyor platform is equipped with rechargeable batteries, operates wirelessly, and can be easily and quickly transferred from one tunnel to another using a conventional forklift truck, maximizing warehouse space utilization.

Customized Solution for Vidres

For our partners at Vidres, we prepared the Toyota Radioshuttle, adapting it to their facilities. In this case, the installation had a total capacity of 1,050 locations and 1,200kg/location. (Specifications images attached).

By installing a Radioshuttle (RS) in the facilities, up to 85% of warehouse space can be utilized. In the case of the glazing plant, aisles could be eliminated, increasing storage capacity by almost 300% compared to conventional methods.