New employment project by the Manantial Vilamico Foundation

That’s how things are sometimes: when Héctor arrived at Orbel with his “need for machinery” under his arm, we didn’t know we would end up learning so much about “mushroom cultivation.” Héctor presented us with a challenge, and we couldn’t resist participating. The project was launched, and it was vital that there be machines for the first delivery by the scheduled date.

Customized solution for the logistic management of non-palletized loads

There were several problems to solve: centers of gravity of loads over 1,000 mm, non-palletized loads, loads with little base and slender, two types of machines, unloading without waiting time, wet floors, ramp, step between chambers at different levels, height limitation… For each case, a solution was devised, and we got to work.

Now we can talk about a "success story"

Once the machines were selected—5-ton forklift and 2.5-ton pallet truck—we had to prepare the implements and even manufacture two types of chassis that would be attached to the machine for each manipulation.

The pieces fit together, and Héctor conveys his confidence in us, appreciating all the work done.

Today, after a monitoring period to ensure that the process works correctly, we can say that we have a “success story,” and although we are not experts, we know a little more about this delicacy that is mushrooms.