Management of the industrial fleet of Ferro España

Project for optimizing the logistical management of the productive plants of the international company Ferro España.

Sector Leadership

Ferro Corporation is a leading company in the industrial sector and one of the main suppliers of raw materials for the chemical industry in Castellón and throughout Spain. In their plant in Almassora, they have more than 500 employees, which is why they make extensive use of warehouse machinery and forklifts in their production processes.

Today, it is one of the top 5 companies established in the province of Castellón, which is why they needed a large-scale logistics project to meet production processes with the highest efficiency.

Strategic Alliance between Ferro Spain and Orbelgrupo

This is where Orbel came into play, and the strategic union of Ferro and Orbel is already bearing fruit for both parties. At Orbel, we provide tailor-made comprehensive logistics solutions, and the client’s involvement fosters reciprocity in the process, benefiting both parties.

When Ferro contacted Orbel in 2014 to request a logistics solution for their plant in Almassora, we proposed replacing most of their fleet of over 70 machines with Toyota forklifts with LPG engines of various load capacities. It was also agreed to provide the plant with a specialized Orbel technician exclusively for machine maintenance (full service).

Comprehensive Renewal of the Logistics Fleet

Forklifts with LPG engines offer significant advantages due to their use of liquefied petroleum gas as fuel. These advantages include:

  • More economical fuel and much less polluting than diesel
  • Quieter operation with less vibrations: enhances operator comfort
  • Reduced maintenance costs