Logistics management of Vidres' new computerized warehouse

An operation to completely renew the fleet of electric forklifts in Vidres’ new computerized logistics warehouse.

Constant innovation transformed into sector leadership

Vidres is a chemical company established in 1975 specializing in the manufacture of frits, glazes, and ceramic colors. The firm has positioned itself among the leaders in the sector thanks to its constant innovation, dedication to creating added value for its customers, and service orientation. All these factors have contributed since its foundation to winning six gold alphas. Vidres has subsidiaries worldwide that allow it to work in the main and most demanding markets. Its customers receive personalized attention and service that differentiate this company from its competitors.

Orbelgrupo: Vidres' Ideal Logistics Partner

Thanks to the great professional team with which the company Vidres counts, it has been growing to the point of needing new facilities, so they have built a new warehouse connected through an underground gallery.

This facility, which will serve as a materials warehouse, is equipped with a computer system that allows perfect traceability of the goods stored there.

After a selection process, in which performance and efficiency were compared, Vidres has decided to once again trust Orbel and its Toyota electric forklifts to operate in this new warehouse.

Thanks to Orbel's after-sales service, Vidres can rest assured that the new warehouse will always be able to accommodate the continuous flow of goods arriving from the production plant. Providing operators with the most modern and reliable equipment in the industry not only increases operational speed and confidence but also brings a smile to their faces.
Toyota Series 8 Electric Forklifts, the Optimal Solution

To carry out this storage application, new Toyota forklifts from the efficient Series 8 have been delivered. This machinery has the capability to work consistently to meet the needs of the demanding ceramic sector.

These equipments come with safety and comfort systems to ensure the highest productivity of the operators and protections to work without issues in the abrasive environments of the sector. Finally, they come with a power supply pre-installation in case they want to equip auxiliary warehouse systems for storage in the future, such as RFID guns, barcode readers, screens, cameras…