Renewal of El Molino's electric fleet

Project for the implementation of a state-of-the-art logistic fleet at El Molino: Toyota Series 8.

Winning philosophy and great ceramic tradition

“El Molino” is a company located in Onda that has been committed to innovation since 1922 without renouncing tradition, enabling them to offer their customers ceramic products of the highest quality.

The philosophy of improvement and service that characterizes “El Molino” ensures that its collections combine quality, beauty, and functionality in each of its ceramic proposals. “El Molino” provides precise responses to the needs of different markets, encompassing a wide variety of formats, designs, and finishes.

The new state-of-the-art fleet is the "SERIE 8." This further improves aspects such as safety, energy efficiency, ergonomics... to continue being a perfect working tool for the team at El Molino.
Electric fleet for cost savings

At “El Molino,” they have always been committed to innovation and new technologies, which is why they have been using electricity as a fuel source for their logistics fleet for over 20 years.

They were pioneers in recognizing the cost savings and sustainability of this technology.

This year, the time has come to renew the forklift fleet after a long and hard work, to which they have responded with maximum performance.

With this new fleet, “El Molino” will continue to have the most advanced equipment on the market, being able to offer its customers tiles with the highest quality standards. The “Orbel” team is very proud to contribute their part to this success story.