Acciona bets on Orbelgrupo and the leading brands, Toyota and Kalmar

Acciona bets on Orbelgroup and leading brands, Toyota and Kalmar Management of handling machinery and heavy tonnage in the manufacturing process of Acciona wind turbines.

International leader in renewable energies

ACCIONA Energy is the largest global energy operator working exclusively in the renewable energy sector, with a significant presence in more than 20 countries across five continents. It has significant activity in five technologies: wind, photovoltaic solar, solar thermal, hydraulic, and biomass. As a result of over 20 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, the company offers reliable and efficient solutions based on the most advanced technologies.

A cutting-edge wind turbine manufacturing plant

Leveraging its extensive experience as a wind operator, the company developed its own wind turbine technology through ACCIONA Windpower, which in 2016 concluded its successful trajectory by formalizing its integration with the German company Nordex, to create a global leader in turbine manufacturing. Simultaneously, ACCIONA has become a significant shareholder of Nordex, thus maintaining its presence throughout the wind value chain.

In a province dominated by the tile and fruit industries, the peculiarities of the Acciona – Nordex plant in Vall d’Uxo are immediately evident. Within its facilities, loads exceeding 5,000 kg are moved, requiring special equipment for safe handling.

The Toyota SAS is an electronic system that automatically monitors around 300 key functions of the forklift. This revolutionary concept took about two years to develop and the exclusive dedication of a team of 30 engineers. It is protected by 126 Toyota patents.
A fleet that guarantees safety and productivity

Due to the danger involved in handling such heavy loads, an extremely high level of safety is required in all operations to ensure that the wind turbine manufacturing process is carried out without any contingencies.

To meet these demanding standards, they have recently opted for Orbel and its machinery from leading brands such as Toyota for handling equipment and Kalmar for heavy tonnage. These brands equip their machinery with electronic systems and controllers to bring these equipment to a high level of safety and productivity.

For example, Toyota forklifts incorporate the SAS active stability system.

The Toyota SAS is based on three types of components: an electronic controller, ten sensors, and three actuators. The SAS controller collects information from the sensors and calculates whether the forklift is in a potentially dangerous situation or not, and based on that data, executes the corresponding corrective actions.