New "Atex" Forklift for Pinturas Benicarló (Ferro Group)

Forklifts equipped with the highest safety measures, ideal for working in hazardous areas.

ORBEL proposed the use of a TOYOTA 8FBE16T ATEX forklift. This model of electric forklift is equipped with a set of protections that prevent the occurrence of sparks and other triggers of deflagrations.
ATEX Solution from Toyota

Due to the hazardous nature of PINTURAS BENICARLO’s production process, a forklift with the necessary protections was needed to work in dangerous areas. These forklifts are specially adapted in compliance with Directive ATEX 2014/34/EU. Otherwise, standard forklifts would become a source of ignition in the presence of flammable gases or vapors released. Excessive heat from the engine, brakes, or other components, even a spark from an unprotected electrical device or static electricity generated by the forklift, can create enough energy to cause an explosion.

Furthermore, the machine provides all the safety and productivity advantages characteristic of TOYOTA equipment. These high-performance models are equipped with the System of Active Stability (SAS), which prevents a large number of accidents and improves operator comfort.

Specialized and safe maintenance in any environment

The majority of the forklift’s components, such as the battery, forks, lights, electronic equipment, seat, controls, etc., have been significantly modified and require careful specialized maintenance.

We have a post-sales team trained in ATEX technologies who are familiar with all safety procedures when dealing with this machinery. This allows us to offer the highest guarantees when performing maintenance, whether preventive or corrective, on ATEX machinery, always complying with regulations.

The combination of the TOYOTA ATEX forklift with a well-trained post-sales service enables us to provide a complete solution that meets the highest quality standards.