Storage Solution for Narrow Aisle at Laboratorios Costa

Project for logistic optimization for the original narrow aisle warehouse at Laboratorios Costa.

At the Technological Forefront

For almost 30 years, Costa Laboratories has been manufacturing high-quality cosmetic products with impeccable presentation at an affordable price. They have always followed rigorous innovation criteria and continue their scientific research, keeping them at the forefront of the cosmetics industry.

Thanks to all these innovative developments, Costa Laboratories has grown, and today they have expanded their facilities by incorporating a warehouse. They contacted Orbel to determine the optimal way to size this new space.

After evaluating several alternatives, it was decided to use a very narrow aisle, less than 2.5 meters wide. To operate within this aisle, the client was provided with an EMA articulated forklift from the Manitou brand.

A Vehicle to Save Space Without Losing Versatility

Using this type of forklift saves a lot of storage space. It reduces the aisle width needed from approximately 3.4 meters for a three-wheel forklift to 2.4 meters.

This type of vehicle is very versatile as it allows placement in very narrow shelf aisles and unloading trucks, thereby reducing double handling costs.