Zircosil updates its logistics fleet to face a new stage

Comprehensive project for the renewal of the industrial fleet and optimization of logistical processes at Zircosil’s production plants.

A benchmark in the raw materials sector

Zircosil, a company specialized in zirconium-derived products, is renowned for the high quality of its production. They offer a wide range of micronized products and tailor their production to the needs of their clients, whether in particle size or type of sand, always guaranteeing an optimal product.

They have a technical team that supports their clients, helping them select the appropriate product for each application. They offer both calcined and non-calcined flours with a wide range of particle sizes, allowing them to produce customized products depending on the needs of each client.

Additionally, it was decided to offer the machines in a leasing contract, which allows the customer to have all their costs concentrated in a single monthly payment and gives them the option to have new machinery every five years.
Logistic equipment adapted for each application

The collaboration between Orbel and Zircosil began when we learned that Zircosil was considering renewing its equipment. The Orbel team visited to study the application where the machines were needed, and during this visit, several areas for improvement were identified that would help optimize the tasks performed by the operators.

After studying all the points, Orbel’s technicians prepared a proposal that included all the necessary features to enhance those improvement areas. The Toyota forklifts offered were the latest model with the highest levels of safety, productivity, and comfort.

Additionally, it was proposed that all the equipment be electric, as they represented energy savings for the company, eliminated noise and gases within the plant, and increased operator comfort by reducing vibrations.

Machines Prepared for Success

Finally, Zircosil accepted the fleet renewal proposal with Toyota electric forklifts equipped with dual battery sets, allowing them to operate in three shifts. These forklifts come equipped with blue spot safety lights to prevent accidents at intersections, and Toyota’s patented SAS system, which enhances machine and load stability through a series of actuators and sensors.

During the equipment handover, Orbel’s technical manager was present to explain all machine functionalities to their future operators, ensuring they fully utilize the forklift’s capabilities. These state-of-the-art forklifts will ensure success in Zircosil’s intralogistics operations.