Construction of the new logistics warehouse for Becsa at the Port of Castellón

Project for the construction of the new logistics facilities for the construction company Becsa at the Port of Castellón (promoted by BP Refinery of Castellón).

A project at the Port of Castellón

Last August, the construction works for the new coke warehouse at the south dock of the Port of Castellón were completed. This project is a good example of the comprehensive services that ‘Comercial Orbel’ can provide.

The works began in 2015 with earthmoving and the ‘preloading’ phase of the land. In the initial stage, we served the company ‘Minarex’, responsible for earthmoving, with off-road machinery.

During this phase, ‘Comercial Orbel’ was able to provide solutions such as supplying safety materials (fire extinguishers, PPE…), spare parts of all kinds, performing maintenance and repairs… An example of these interventions is the repair of a Dumper with ‘on-site’ welding work, carried out by one of our collaborating companies.

A combined fleet for lifting

Once the previous phase was completed, the configuration of the project required a different type of machinery, and we made our fleet available to both the main contractor and the subcontractors responsible for each discipline (formwork, concreting, structure assembly…).

For these tasks, various models of our platforms were mainly used. We deployed electric scissor lifts ranging from 6 meters in height to all-terrain models from 8 to 18 meters, as well as articulated booms ranging from 12 to 20 meters.

As part of the rental contract terms, we included a very attractive option for the client, which was the provision of a standby machine at ‘zero cost’ to replace another in case of breakdown or emergency.

What clearly set us apart from the competition in this case was the high level of safety standards that were required at all times
Safety above all

Companies had to be certified to access the site. We obtained the necessary certification by attending specific training, fulfilling documentation requirements, and conducting thorough inspections of the machines’ condition and operation to authorize their access. The machines always gained access without presenting any defects.

Finally, we would highlight the high level of satisfaction achieved by the client and our understanding of the fundamental importance of service response to any machine incidents. In projects of this nature, the teams depend on the machines not failing.