Optimization of the logistics strategy of Cerámicas MYR

Project for the renovation of the ceramic manufacturer’s rental park, as well as the introduction of specialized machinery in its logistics facilities.

A machine for each application

In this moment, Cerámicas MYR is preparing to launch its third production line. To tackle this new phase, an agreement has been reached between the ceramic manufacturer and Orbel to renovate the rental fleet and add new specialized machinery to address their new needs. During this period of change, there has arisen the need to handle heavy-duty pieces, so a Kalmar DCD70 has been added to the fleet capable of effortlessly handling this type of load. Kalmar is a Finnish company that sets the standard in the sector for energy efficiency, reliability, and operator comfort. Kalmar equipment offers maximum value and the lowest total cost of ownership in the sector.

Specialized equipment with the latest technology

In addition to the new Kalmar, the fleet is composed of 7 Toyota Tonero Diesel for handling the most intensive tasks. These machines are ideal for working two to three shifts due to their robust mechanical build. For internal movements, a series of Toyota-Bt pallet trucks and stackers adapted to work with tiles are used. They also have a Manitou for low-intensity auxiliary tasks. This French company offers forklifts with modern design and excellent value for money. This combination of machinery allows Cerámicas MYR to tackle all its logistical challenges by relying on these top brands, of which Comercial Orbel is a dealer.