Telescopic manipulator arms

Our telescopic manipulator arms use diesel engines and reach a maximum height of 32 meters with a load capacity of up to 35 tons. Are commonly used in industry and construction as they offer great precision and flexibility with elongated sections that can be extended or retracted. Manipulator arms are versatile equipment with various customization possibilities.

Main characteristics
Efficient Diesel Engines
Manitou handlers feature state-of-the-art, next-generation engines from top brands such as Perkins, Mercedes, Deutz, or John Deere.
Up to 35 tons of Weight
We have equipment with capacities ranging from 2,000 kg to 35 tons for special applications.
Flexibility and Precision
Manitou handlers are market leaders, implementing all kinds of advanced systems to ensure they are the most flexible and precise machines.
Customization Option
Manitou handlers can be configured with all kinds of extras needed by the customer to ensure the machine operates at peak performance in each application.
Compatibility with Attachments
These machines come prepared to be used with all kinds of accessories, such as jibs, buckets, platforms, or clamps.
Ideal for Construction
Their features make them the ideal machine for material handling activities in construction and outdoor industry settings.
Lifting Height of up to 32 m
Manitou offers models in the MT and MRT range that reach heights of up to 32 meters and lengths of up to 20 meters.
Whether on asphalt or loose terrain, Manitou's all-terrain telescopic handlers are perfect for any type of surface.
Range of Covered Technical Attributes
Load capacity(2.000 Kg - 35.000 Kg)
Lifting height(9.000 mm - 32.000 mm)
Machine height(2.750 mm - 3.500 mm)
Application types