Vertical lifting platforms

The vertical platforms allow the lifting of loads using an electric propulsion system, lifting a maximum load of 200 kg and reaching a height of up to 10 meters.

These equipment have a compact design and are characterized by their ease of maintenance, their simple use and their adaptability for application both indoors and outdoors.

Main characteristics
Electric propulsion
We have platforms with new generation electric motors powered by long-range batteries.
Up to 200 kilos capacity
These models lift up to 2 operators and their tools up to 10 meters high.
Productivity and energy efficiency
Our equipment incorporates the latest Manitou technologies in terms of energy savings, regenerating energy during the descent of the platform and while braking.
Aplicaciones interiores y exteriores
Disponemos de plataformas preparadas para trabajar tanto en aplicaciones a cubierto como en el exterior, ya que gracias a las ruedas todoterreno pueden trabajar en terrenos difíciles.
Up to 10 meters high
We have models from 8 to 10 meters. Some models are tiltable to reach hard-to-access places.
Utilización sencilla
Nuestra gama de plataformas dispone de controles ilustrados que ayudan al operario a conducir de manera intuitiva. También disponen de modos de conducción lenta para conductores inexpertos.
Ease of maintenance
Our machinery has been equipped with inspection covers designed to facilitate access to mechanical and electrical elements. All electric motors are maintenance-free and high-performance AC.
Compact design
Our platforms are designed to take up as little space as possible, making them easy to transport.
Attribute range covered technicians
Load capacity(100 Kg - 200 Kg)
Lifting height(3.000 mm - 10.000 mm)
Platform height(1.500 mm - 2.500 mm)
Application types