Telescopic lifting platforms

Wide range of products in telescopic equipment that help you optimize your time, both indoors and outdoors. Telescopic platforms have a compact design, are easy to maintain, and simple to use. Our models reach heights of up to 33 meters and have a loading capacity of 400 kg.

Main characteristics
Diesel and Electric Propulsion
We offer platforms with different types of engines to work in all environments properly. We also have hybrid models that combine both technologies.
Compact Design
Our platforms are designed to occupy the smallest possible space, making them easy to transport.
Ease of Maintenance
Our machinery has been equipped with inspection covers designed to provide easy access to mechanical and electrical components. All electric motors are maintenance-free AC motors with high performance.
Up to 400 kg Capacity
Our equipment incorporates Manitou's latest energy-saving technologies, regenerating energy during platform descent and braking.
Easy to Use
Our range of platforms features illustrated controls that help the operator drive intuitively. They also have slow driving modes for inexperienced operators.
Height of up to 33 meters
We have models ranging from 8 to 33 meters, with different types of arms to overcome all obstacles.
Indoor and Outdoor Applications
We have platforms ready to work in both indoor and outdoor applications, thanks to the all-terrain wheels that can handle difficult terrain.
Productivity and Energy Efficiency Up to 400 kg Capacity
We have equipment capable of lifting up to 4 operators and their tools to heights of over 16 meters.
Range of Covered Technical Attributes
Load Capacity(200 Kg - 400 Kg)
Lifting Height(1.000 mm - 33.000 mm)
Platform Height(2.000 mm - 3.000 mm)
Types of Application