Electric Stackers

Stackers for your low-intensity applications and others for much more intensive operations. We adapt to your real needs and advise you on choosing the best material handling equipment. All models feature advanced traction and can lift loads up to 6 meters in height. Electric stackers are more energy-efficient, emit low noise and vibrations. Robust and reliable, they are incorporated with the TPS quality system.

Main characteristics
Advanced Traction
Powertrack system that enhances driving. When combined with regenerative braking, it offers the most comfortable driving experience on the market.
Up to 6 meters in height
Our range of stackers has various mast options, with a maximum height of 6 meters.
Low noise and vibrations
Our stackers are equipped with low-noise pumps, floating motor, and additional insulation to prevent noises and vibrations that may disturb the operator.
TPS Quality
Toyota's production system has become a benchmark for efficient production, ensuring that all its equipment meets the quality standard.
Lithium Batteries
Our equipment is fully compatible with these more efficient and sustainable battery types.
Maximum Efficiency
Low consumption thanks to regenerative braking and optimized lifting system. Quick battery change system to work multiple shifts without stopping.
Maximum Durability
Equipped with maintenance-free AC motors that do not rotate with the drive wheel, extending the equipment's life and reducing wear and tear.
Robustness and Reliability
Toyota stackers are designed to work continuously for many hours and, with proper maintenance, have a longer lifespan than any other.
Range of Covered Technical Attributes
Load Capacity(1.000 Kg - 2.000 Kg)
Lifting Height(2.500 mm - 5.500 mm)
Stacker Height(1.800 mm - 3.500 mm)
Compact and Maneuverable Electric Stackers
Long-Distance / High-Performance Electric Stackers
Flexible Electric Stackers
High-Intensity Electric Stackers
Types of Applications