Order pickers

Toyota’s market-leading guarantee. We assist you in your picking operations. Wide range of machinery with various capacities adaptable to your logistics processes, reaching a maximum height of 10.5 meters.

A wide variety of high-performance typologies with comfortable cabins, remote driving, and advanced safety. All our order pickers feature easy maintenance.

Main characteristics
Wide Variety of Typologies:
We offer an order picker tailored to every warehouse, from walk-picking to 11-meter-high warehouses.
Comfortable Cabins
Our order pickers feature easily accessible cabins equipped with all necessary tools for picking tasks.
Remote Driving
Devices are available for remote driving, facilitating the operator's work and increasing the number of picks per hour.
Advanced Safety
Laser safety systems to prevent accidents. Operator presence control on the ground and on the controls. Safety doors to prevent falls. Automatic brake to prevent unintended vehicle movements.
Up to 10.5 Meters Height
Toyota's forklifts are equipped with state-of-the-art masts. These masts have continuous ascent and descent, increasing speed and consuming less energy.
High Performance:
They feature regenerative brakes, high-performance motors, and a special energy-saving system when the cabin descends. All these systems allow for longer operation with a single charge.
Easy Maintenance
Equipment with easy access to the battery and equipped with maintenance-free AC motors.
Residual Capacities
These forklifts have the best capacities on the market, allowing the use of models with lower capacity to reach higher heights.
Range of Technical Attributes Covered:
Load capacity(1.000 Kg - 2.000 Kg)
Lifting Height(2.000 mm - 4.000 mm)
Height of the order picker(1.500 mm - 4.000 mm)
Low-intensity low-level order picker
Low-level order pickers
Mid-level order pickers
High-level order pickers
Types of Applications: