Manual and Electric Pallet Trucks

Our pallet trucks combine high capacities and optimize the horizontal transportation of your loads. We offer equipment ranging from 1300 kg to 3000 kg and a variety of wheels and rollers so you can find the model that best suits your needs. There are different types of applications: with accompanying driver, with platform, with standing driver, with seated driver.

Main characteristics
Advanced Traction
Powertrack system enhances driving experience. Combined with regenerative braking system, it offers the most comfortable driving in the market.
High Productivity
Our range of pallet trucks delivers high performance thanks to powerful traction and lifting motors.
Variety of Wheels and Rollers
We offer different wheel and roller configurations to withstand all kinds of floors and applications.
Maximum Durability
Equipped with maintenance-free AC three-phase motors that do not rotate with the drive wheel, extending the equipment's lifespan and reducing wear and tear.
Lithium Batteries
Our equipment is fully compatible with these more sustainable battery types. Wide Range of Models.
Wide Range of Models
A wide variety of configurations and models that adapt to all industrial applications.
Leader in Safety
Chassis designed to maximize stability: no rollback on ramp starts and low levels of vibration for the driver.
Productivity and Energy Efficiency
Our equipment comes equipped with Toyota's latest energy-saving technologies.
Range of Covered Technical Attributes
Load Capacity(1.000 Kg - 2.500 Kg)
Lifting Height(0 mm)
Pallet Truck Height(1.300 mm - 2.500 mm)
Manual Pallet Trucks
Electric Pallet Trucks with Operator
Electric Pallet Trucks with Li-Ion Batteries
Electric Pallet Trucks with Platform
Electric Pallet Trucks with Stand-On Operator
Types of Applications