Electric forklifts

Powerful, versatile, and with optimal working speeds. The robust design of our machines gives us a differential value in the machinery fleet.

Whether indoors or outdoors, our equipment maximizes performance to achieve greater productivity and energy efficiency. Models with 3 and 4 wheels offer great maneuverability in confined spaces.

Main characteristics
24V, 48V, and 80V Batteries
Each Toyota model is compatible with different battery configurations so you can find the one that best suits your applications.
Up to 7 meters in height
Our range of forklifts has all kinds of masts with a maximum height of 7 meters.
3 and 4-wheel models
In models of up to 2 tons, there is the possibility of configuring the number of wheels of the machine to prioritize between maneuverability or stability.
Great maneuverability in confined spaces
Thanks to its meticulous design, Toyota forklifts have one of the smallest turning radii in the market, allowing you to work with these equipment in confined spaces
Lithium batteries
Our forklifts are fully compatible with this more sustainable type of batteries. Active Stability System (SAS).
Active Stability System (SAS)
This system monitors the safety variables of the machine and adjusts the speed, mast tilt, and steering bridge to avoid dangerous situations.
Indoor and outdoor applications
Our forklifts are ready to work in both indoor and outdoor applications.
Productivity and energy efficiency
Our equipment comes equipped with Toyota's latest energy-saving technologies.
Range of Covered Technical Attributes
Load Capacity(1.000 - 8.000 kg)
Lifting Height(4.700 - 7.500 mm)
Forklift Height(2.000 - 2.900 mm)
Compact Electric Counterbalance Forklifts
Electric All-Terrain Counterbalance Forklifts
High-performance Electric Forklifts for Indoor and Outdoor Use
Electric Forklifts for Heavy-Duty Loads
Types of Applications