Heavy-Duty forklifts

Kalmar equipment ranging from 10 to 72 tons for applications with high-performance demands, featuring high ergonomics and excellent visibility.

Heavy-duty forklifts can enhance efficiency and safety in the workplace. They come with configurable masts.

Main characteristics
Efficient Diesel Engines
Kalmar forklifts can be equipped with thermal motors or with electric motors and batteries.
High performance
They are designed for superior availability, lower fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs.
Maximum security
These machines are equipped with all kinds of safety elements, such as automatic fire extinguishing systems, speed limits or extra lights.
Ergonomics and visibility
The cabin and all its elements (steering wheel, seat, levers, buttons...) are designed to offer maximum comfort, as well as excellent visibility.
Up to 72 tons of weight
Kalmar forklifts lift heavy loads efficiently, effectively and safely.
Advanced hydraulics
The variable pumps on these machines adjust the oil flow depending on the load. This allows for a faster response while saving fuel.
Fully configurable masts
It can be equipped with a wide variety of masts and implements for any application.
Essential range
A great price shouldn't compromise quality, and that's why our new Essential range gives you everything you expect from Kalmar at the best price.
Range of Covered Technical Attributes
Load Capacity(18.000 Kg - 52.000 Kg)
Lifting Height(4.000 mm - 15.000 mm)
Forklift Height(2.500 mm - 3.000 mm)
5-9T Electric Forklifts
9-18T Electric Forklifts
18-52T Electric Forklifts
60-72T Electric Forklifts
Kalmar Heavy Electric Forklift Trucks 18-33 T
Types of Applications