Diesel forklifts

Thermal forklifts designed for intensive processes with TPS warranty. This machinery is equipped with the active stability system SAS to maximize productivity.

They reach a maximum height of 7.5 meters. Robustness and reliability with low noise and vibrations.

Main characteristics
Toyota Diesel and Gas Engines
Toyota's range of thermal forklifts can be equipped with various engines depending on the application to achieve the highest possible energy savings.
Tonero Powertrain
The power of the forklift is supplied by the Toyota powertrain, specifically designed for industrial applications.
Low Noise and Vibrations
Our forklifts are equipped with low-noise pumps, floating engine mounts, and additional insulation to prevent noises and vibrations that may disturb the operator.
TPS Quality
Toyota's production system has become a benchmark for efficient production, ensuring that all its forklifts meet the quality standard.
Up to 7.5 Meters Height
Our range of forklifts has all types of masts with a maximum height of 7.5 meters. Active Stability System (SAS)
Active Stability System (SAS)
This system monitors machine safety variables and adjusts speed, mast tilt, and steering bridge to avoid hazardous situations.
Great Visibility
Its sturdy structure provides excellent peripheral visibility, increasing comfort and facilitating the forklift driver's work.
Robustness and Reliability
Toyota forklifts are ready to work continuously for many hours, and with proper maintenance, they have a longer lifespan than any other.
Range of Covered Technical Attributes
Load Capacity(1.500 Kg - 8.000 Kg)
Lifting Height(6.000 mm - 7.000 mm)
Forklift Height( 2.000 mm - 2.700 mm)
Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklifts with Torque Converter
Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklifts with Hydrostatic Transmission
High Capacity Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklifts
Types of Applications