4x4 forklifts

Highly versatile 4×4 machinery that adapts to any work environment, even on uneven terrain. These units are an excellent choice for construction.

Our equipment has optimal slope capability, features an efficient diesel engine, reaches a maximum lifting height of 7 meters, and can handle loads of up to 7 tons.

Main characteristics
Efficient Diesel Engines
Manitou forklifts feature a new generation Stage 3B diesel engine with a diesel particulate filter that helps reduce fuel consumption by up to 13%.
Lifting up to 7m
The width of the forklift enhances stability and safety when handling long or heavy loads. The possibility of mounting duplex or triplex masts is available.
Operator Comfort
These equipment come with spacious cabins offering panoramic vision and are suspended to reduce vibrations.
Customization Option
Manitou forklifts can be configured with the extras needed by the customer to ensure the machine operates at full capacity in each application.
Up to 7 tons of weight
Versatile forklifts capable of moving heavy and large loads on all types of terrain.
Whether on paved or loose ground, Manitou all-terrain forklifts are perfect for any type of surface.
Ideal for Construction
Their characteristics make them the ideal machine for material handling activities in construction and outdoor industry.
Excellent Slope Capability
Large diameter front wheels, good weight distribution between axles, and a central differential lock system prevent performance loss on slopes.
Range of Covered Technical Attributes
Load Capacity(2.000 Kg - 5.000 Kg)
Lifting Height(4.000 mm - 7.000 mm)
Forklift Height(2.000 mm - 4.000 mm)
Types of Applications